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About Reptilspire Productions
Reptilspire's Catalog of Video & Web Services
I will film your small event and produce a custom video to your liking. If you already have footage, I can do just the video editing instead.
Video Scrapbooks
Do you have boxes of photographs lying around that you just can't seem to find the time to organize into something that you and your family can enjoy? What about those old, irreplacable photos that fade and get damaged as the years go by? I created video scrapbooks to address these issues. I save you time and preserve your cherished memories.

Each video scrapbook is custom made for your needs. Video scrapbooks consist of digitally-scanned photographs (or digital shots, if you give them to me) organized into a DVD video that you can easily send to your entire family--can't do that with photo albums! They can be as simple as a basic slideshow or as advanced as "pan-and-scan" effects that you would see in documentaries and titling that appears over images to denote who is who in the picture! The possibilities are essentially endless. You can also order these high-resolution image scans on CD or data DVD so that you can make your own reprints at any store that has a digital photo processing department.

The only limitation placed on video scrapbooks is that I cannot include photos taken at professional studios unless you subsequently purchased the negatives/rights to the photos. This is due to copyright.

Photo Restorations & Re-Touching
Do you have priceless old photos of family or friends that have been damaged severely? Depending on the severity, I can restore these images for you. Using ultra high-resolution scans of your still photos, I can remove a majority of damage done to photographs at a fraction of the price of the major stores, including...
  • Wrinkles & crinkles.
  • Stains.
  • Fading & discoloring.
  • Tears & missing sections of photos.
  • Grain-like damage, dust, & unwanted specks.

A full gallery of sample restorations is available here.

Digital archival prevents natural factors from destroying your priceless memories forever. As well as restoring your old photos, I can archive your photos in ultra high resolution image files of your choice (jpeg, png, tiff, psd, etc...) and store them on cds or dvds.

Web Design
Is your website suffering from a bad case of misorganization? I have the cure. I can do services as simple as re-organizing your current site or designing you an entirely new one. My policy is to keep things simple so that everyone can access the information on your site easily without having to deal with distracting sounds or flashy things bouncing all over the place.
KBF Media Group
I created this site for a documentary by KBF Media Group to be focused on relevant images from the film while simultaneously maintaining a streamlined site experience that provides easy access to relevant information.
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Child Diagnostics
I created this site for a small business that wanted to expand their online presence. The objective was to create a fully-functional site with graphical appeal but without the use of Flash animations so that the site would run quickly on slower connections / older computers.
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This is my personal site that has been online since 1999. I use it as a means to share my short fiction, films, and artwork with friends.
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