Do you have priceless old photos of family or friends that have been damaged severely? Depending on the severity, I can restore these images for you. Using ultra high-resolution scans of your still photos, I can remove a majority of damage done to photographs at a fraction of the price of the major stores, including...

  • Wrinkles & crinkles.
  • Stains.
  • Fading & discoloring.
  • Tears & missing sections of photos.
  • Grain-like damage, dust, & unwanted specks.

Digital archival prevents natural factors from destroying your priceless memories forever. As well as restoring your old photos, I can archive your photos in ultra high resolution image files of your choice (jpeg, png, tiff, psd, etc...) and store them on cds or dvds.

Below are several photos before and after restorations.

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