January 4, 2008
Films Section now has "Relatives For Dinner: The Re-Bloodening" available. Watch it here!
Also, check out the in-progress site for my upcoming "show," "The M&E Show."
December 23, 2007
Arts Section now has many new photographs as well as sketches of my friends and some of the main characters from "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel."
Within the next few days, I'll be removing the MattVision video player from the Films Section and integrating individual video pages for each film so that they can all be displayed in their intended aspect.
July 5, 2007
Hey there and welcome to the site. As you probably have noticed, the menu over to the left there has changed significantly, both visually and content-wise. I would have kept the old menu's graphics, but the reference file was lost in a hard drive crash last December so I had to build it from scratch.
Special Section is a new site section that will contain things that do not fit into the other categories--it will also help prevent clutter on the left menu by grouping things that people may not visit very often, such as the Jim Henson Hour guide. The first update to this section includes the old "hilarious action figure pictures" content that was taken down last year, "Matt's Homepage Retro Flashback," and "Matt Goes To The Kwik-E-Mart." The Jim Henson Hour guide has been moved to the Special Section.
Films Section updated with "MattVision" video streaming. Now available for streaming: Sockumentary, 746, New M&E Show Episodes 2 & 3, Coming Home.
New Arts Section merges the old photography section with a section showcasing some of my sketches. Expect an update with many new photos soon.
June 28, 2007
Hey there and welcome to the site. This is the first real update in a long period of nothing and comes with a whole lot of new stuff to take a look at. First of all, you probably have noticed those little icons below in this update. From now on, those icons will be employed along with others for their respective sections that will be deployed as soon as I need 'em!
Updated Writings page with "Duplicates," "Cities," a revision of "Once Upon A Time," and the first 3 chapters of "Neurasthenia."
Updated Films Section with "Sockumentary" and "746."
Photography Section redux coming soon.
Updated Music page with more songs from listed albums and the addition of several new albums, including "The Essential Lizard Alert," which contains 26 high-quality synthesizer mixes of Lizard Alert songs as they were meant to be heard. Call it an anthology of sorts. Never-before-released material includes:
  • "It All Sucks (Light Remix)"
  • "WTF?!"
  • "Incineration"
  • "1"
  • "A Tribute To Rodan"
  • "Trio"
  • "19"
  • "26"
  • "51"
  • As well as several new remixes.
October 28, 2006
Lizardalert.com site relaunch! Woo-hoo! Kudos to www.comma-dee.com for hosting!
January 10, 2005
Here we go again with another year full of insane news antics and medicrity across the board on television and in music! Aside from my usual "this sucks" ranting, I've added a few new updates today for the first time in a while! New in today's update features an addition of two new sets of tales in "Ghost Stories" over in the writing section and slight updates to the "About Me" page. More is definately coming soon, though. Expect: new JHH guides and updates to the current four and possible new additions to "Writings." Other than that, check out the cleaned-up and beautifies "Jim Henson Hour" ("Muppets") section, which now launches in its own window when selected from the menu for maximum usefulness. Enjoy.
1.10.05 Updates: Two New "Ghost Stories," edits to "About Me," revamping of "Muppet" (Jim Henson Hour) page (Guide1.0)
December 15, 2004
Well, it has been a long quarter of essays and essays and, uh, essays, so I didn't have time to add anything here. Things will be added soon, but for now all there is are those NES controller icon dealies on this page. Sorry.
July 31, 2004
As promised, episodes 1 and 2 of "Matt's Comic Madness," the action figure comic strip I plan to continue making as time goes on, are now online in the "Action Figures" section. Also added is a new section which contains two new photographs, taken by me, per month. "Photography" debuts this month with photos of a California sea lion and a young komodo dragon. I also archived the old updates to keep this page cleaned up.
7.31.04 Updates: New Section: Photography / Action Figures: Page Reformatting, Episodes 1 & 2 of "Matt's Comic Madness"
July 3, 2004
I figured that keeping the Comic Madness thing would be good since I'm taking a Photoshop class in the fall, so expect the first 'episode' of Matt's Comic Madness,"Sever-al Complaints," in the next update. To tide you over until then, I've updated several sections of the site along with a new section on writings.
7.03.04 Updates: Me: Information Update / Writings: "Memories of WW2", Edit/Reupload of "Ghost Stories" / Muppets: Four Episode Guides
January 6, 2004
Due to popular demand, a sequel for "The Swarm" is in the works. But, before this will come, a redone version of the first Swarm will be released. Expect this to be completed within the next couple of months. Until then, supplemental info for the series will be added.
December 23, 2003
Well, what have I been up to? I've been working on an action figure comic strip called "Matt's Comic Madness", which will go up very soon.
2.26.03 Updates: Writings: New Layout, 2 Ghost Stories / Action Figures: Jedi Kermit / Music: New 'Originals' Section Layout