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Down in a swamp, deep in the bog,
there was a green gremlin, that sat on a log.

Alone he did live, for most of his life,
never would he, have himself a wife.

From his curvy green snoot to his pointy green ears,
the gremlin was something that people did fear.

His hijinx were crude and on the whole mean,
such a sick creature the world hadn't seen.

He plopped in his chair, and snagged a newspaper,
he'd read it now, for he lacked the time later.
It was ten plus three, in the month of February,
And upcoming was a day that was most arbitrary. As he read the news, an ad caught his eye.
For that stupid love day, that he did despise.

"I hate it! I loathe it! Down with it, I say!
For I am the Gremlin, that'll ruin this day!"

"Love is evil; its all a big scam!"
He said as he hatched his maniacal plan.

So the big night came, and the gremlin went to town,
"You'd better be ready! This holidays going down!"

He broke in a store, and threw loot in a bag,
"I must take it all; this stuff makes me gag!"

On to the next store where he cleaned off its shelf,
throwing loot in his bag he said to himself:
"Such fools, such clods: soon they will see!
That no one can celebrate without candy!"

After looting the town, back to the swamp he did lurk,
he pulled up a chair as the scheme went to work.

He awoke the next day and read the headline:
"Despite Lack of Candy, Val-Day Comes on Time!"
"Blast it! Dang it! I'll show them this time!
I'll go into town and give a piece of my mind!"

He threw down his paper and grabbed all his goods,
Then set out for the town, going deep through the woods.

When he got to town, all the people were together,
hugging and kissing; a disturbing human tether.
And they were all happy, so the gremlin did thrash,
there was still love despite, how the day had been trashed.

"Darn all of you, you ruined my scheme!
Now I will have to resort to something even more mean!
For I am the gremlin that lives in the swamp…"

As he continued to mumble his weak threats aloud,
he was cut off by a voice from deep in the crowd,
"You are the gremlin, gee I've been confused!
I am the postman, with letters for you!"

"I must have lost your address, oh me oh my my!
Here is a sack of Valentines from years gone by!"

He stared at them, and looked rather pale
a huge bag of cards that got lost in the mail.
All for him, lost for all of these years
he was so happy he became covered with tears.

So he took out the candy and gave it away,
Thus making ol’ Grem’ the hero of the day.

Copyright 2009 Matt Hohnstein. All Rights Reserved.