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A Collection of Various Poems By Matt Hohnstein.

The Goblin
There once was a goblin from Mars,
Who stole a case of candy bars,
From a young Boy Scout,
Who just figured out,
He had to build Pine Derby cars.

The Monkey
We once met a monkey in Texas,
Whose bad breath really did vex us,
We gave him breath mints,
He did take our hints,
Until he peed in our new Lexus.

The Drunk
There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who got drunk and passed out in a bucket,
Too much he had drank,
(this wasn’t a prank),
When he woke: his wallet (he'd lost it!)

Those Punk Kids
What’s wrong with children today?
They curse and they fight everyday,
They think that they’re “cool”,
When they ditch middle school,
when they steal things the shopkeeps aren’t paid.

Those Wacky Reptiles
Jim Bob went fishing one day,
hoping for luck in the bay,
He docked on an isle,
saw a crocodile,
But it bit him and dragged him away!

Animals Go To School
The lady lemon lemming longs to learn labor law, so later she lurks to the library. Also, an adept auburn aardvark attempts to attain an apprenticeship at an arduous art academy in Anne Arbor, but bears barely budge their brown butts when bequeathed with burdensome business bulletins. Inside the institute, incredible ibexes inquire instructions on entering international studies. Manny the marvelous moose might muse many minuets with his magnificent mahogany maracas with a master’s in music-making. Gary the geeky gecko gets on gray garb to grovel over gravel and generalize geology. A crew of creepy cobras crack computer code consistently, but sometimes sneaky seals stop such sinister snake scheming.

Critic’s Explication
We’re all much more prone,
To prefer works of our own,
And be critics of text mixed like salad,
If scribbles on a page,
Can be fine art of a ‘Sage,’
Then complaints can surely be valid.

Prismatic Spectrum on the Chimera

I. Red
An eruption yells magma streams,
searing the crags,
consuming, crusting

II. Orange
The artifact of oaks,
long-grown, protective of them
shed as refuse, waste

III. Yellow
Seizing my sight: sun –
yet evermore gifting light –
eminent fusion

IV. Blue
Drake of jade and coal
scuttles through wavy lime blades,
regally cawing

V. Green
Sea foam fizz spatters
swells of aqueous teal clouds
bathing azure reefs

VI. Indigo
Lustrous gem water,
clinging from the edge for life:
stalactite kismet

VII. Violet
Lilac twilight haze:
arcane lurking wily wolves
ambush in swift strike

Copyright 2009 Matt Hohnstein. All Rights Reserved.