January 12, 2009

      Happy new year and welcome to the new LizardAlert.com, which I've approximated as somewhere around version 6.0 -- and even if it isn't, I'm going to call it that just because it has a certain ring to it.
      If you've been here before, you'll likely notice the re-organization that I've been doing. Some sections have been merged into other sections. The "about" section now contains my résumé and Reptilspire Productions company information that used to be part of the now-former separate Reptilspire site. The video and gallery demos from the Reptilspire site now reside in the new "demos" section. There is also a slew of new and updated content in all sections. Expect content that was deleted from the old site to be re-integrated into the current one within the coming weeks.
      Videos are currently offline but will be back in the coming weeks. Until then, you can check out the expanded filmography and the video demos.